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Idir Eathara (The Space Between)

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My First Instrumental Release: Idir Eathara (The Space Between) 

When my grandparents and Great Uncle Joe passed away within three weeks of each other in 2016, I sat at my piano to try and process my grief in musical form. The result was a piano piece that I later called 'Idir Eathara' - an ancient Celtic term, which describes a boundary as neither one place nor another, but the space between. 

This is my first self-produced release and experience as a Music Video Director! I was delighted to work with an exceptional group of talented people on this project, including:

Ruth Hallows - Cellist

Manuel Latouche - Animator (music video)

Valentina Zapata - Artist (music video)

Josh Nolan - Artist (single artwork)

Lucas Mendes - Sound Engineer at The Park Studios

Andy Carr - Mixing and Mastering

I hope you enjoy the piece and accompanying visuals. In the words of American Astronomer Carl Sagan, "The cosmos is within us, we are made of star-stuff".



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